Stone Carving - Seppia

Stone Carving - Seppia

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  • Handmade item crafted from River Actinolite (non-fibrous)

  • Primary color: Green

  • Secondary color: Silver

  • Height: 15 Centimeters

  • Width: 9 Centimeters

  • Depth: 8 Centimeters

  • Materials: stone, actinolite, rock

    My pieces are designed and hand crafted with these overarching intentions: Freedom of consciousness, truth, expansion of awareness, and deep presence to your moment. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind relic that has the easy potential of lasting a thousand years or more, and it is my hope that the user will pass each sacred work onto a friend, community, or family member when its use is fulfilled. Taking between 10 and 50 hours to handcraft, they represent the continuous striving to evolve as a global people and the recognition that we are in a new era of expanded consciousness and creativity on Earth.  

Thank you for taking the time to witness my work.

Artist Mykael David Lazzeri BSN BFA MTA